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Latest Programs

Ensembles of Palestinian & Israeli Youth Musicians

Heartbeat’s core program, Heartbeat: Amplifying Youth Voices, focuses on the establishment and facilitation of two ensembles of young Palestinian and Israeli musicians (ages 14-22 years old) who come together weekly for sustained music based dialogue programs in Haifa and Jerusalem.  Meeting each week throughout the course of the school year, Heartbeat youth musicians  co-create music,

Heartbeat’s 2015 US Tour!

Following the success of three previous tours to the United States, Heartbeat, the Israeli-Palestinian youth music community, will return to the US February 20 – March 20, 2015 to amplify voices of a better future in the Middle East and engage audiences in dialogue about the role of civil society and the power of the

The Mic is Stronger: Local Performances & Workshops

Heartbeat’s Israeli and Palestinian youth musicians offer dynamic, profound, and inspiring performances and workshops throughout their communities.  Heartbeat staff members also offer engaging, interactive presentations and workshops. To learn more or to schedule a concert, workshop or presentation by Heartbeat, please email: hello@heartbeat.fm

Heartbeat: Brighter Future

Looking towards the future, Heartbeat intends to utilize the full power of music and creative media to educate communities in conflict towards empathy, cooperation, and mutual respect. In the coming year, Heartbeat will expand its initiative to pilot a music academy and establish a multi-media production studio, taking the next steps towards empowering thousands of



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