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Heartbeat All-Star Band

Heartbeat’s most committed and talented musicians make up each year’s All-Star Band. Working together throughout the year to develop their music and personal connections, the All-Star Band represents Heartbeat to the world. Concerts, workshops, professional quality audio recordings, and music video productions amplify voices of the All-Star Band members to build trust across the wider

Camps + Retreats

Since 2009 Heartbeat has offered a series of camps and retreats to engage new youth musicians in our programs, and to deepen the Heartbeat experience for existing members. These retreats are an experience like none other. Our March 2011 Desert Retreat, overlooking the Mizpe Ramon Crater, brought together 30 musicians for three days of music

International Exchanges

Following the success of the Hip Hop Hudna (Ceasefire) 2010 debut and the 2012 “Borderline Remix”: a transnational Hip HOpera on migration and the right to asylum, Heartbeat, ActiveVision, and Addictz e.V. have joined forces again to create The 99% REMIX: A Hip HOpera for Social Change. The 99% REMIX unites young Israeli, Palestinian, and

The Mic is Stronger: Local Performances & Workshops

Heartbeat is working to build trust across a critical mass of Israelis and Palestinians. This means helping millions of people understand that they have a partner for peace on the other side…no simple task. To get there we are sending our All-Star Band into their communities to share their music and their experiences through performances





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