Is Music the New Kind of Peace Talk?

Heartbeat was featured in online magazine Aux.Out. in August 2013.Hear from Heartbeat youth musicians Moody, Neomi, Yasmina, and Guy.

Heartbeat: The New Kind of Peace Talk for Israel and Palestine

“Because music is the language that everybody can speak, I think that music can touch the heart more than any other language.” -Yasmina

“I think [Heartbeat is] important because it provides a space for the youth of the region to come together and overcome the physical and psychological walls we have between us. It gives a sense of peace to the kids and later to those who hear the music that they created together. And once you feel that peace, then you know it’s possible. You know the peace is there, waiting for us to live it.”

Thank you to writer Hilary Saunders for this outstanding piece!