Heartbeat Returns to the US With Sounds for Equality & Peace

Heartbeat returned to the US in November 2013 to amplify voices of a better future in the Middle East and engage audiences in dialogue about the role of civil society and the power of the arts. The tour program featured uplifting performances of Heartbeat youth musicians’ original music – interweaving traditional and modern Eastern and Western styles. Heartbeat members further engaged audience members through their interactive workshops and shared their experiences of growing up amidst the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, highlighting their creative effort to build a better future as members of Heartbeat.

“It helps us fulfill one of our goals which is to motivate and inspire people to become active in the pursuit of peace.”Kela

“Seeing peoples reactions, feeling there vibes and energies after performing for them brings me that spirit of Keep Doing What We’re Doing MORE And Stronger”Moody

“We want to bring with us to the U.S this hope, this hope that we get from the audience, from each other and from others around the world who are doing good and spreading hope.”Guy

“I want to spread the word of equality and justice, love and acceptance, fairness and understanding.”Tamer

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