Heartbeat’s Response

During these tragic times, the Heartbeat community members are supporting each other in contemplation and reflection. This is true not only during the recent escalation of violence and tension, but also in the daily life of our community, as we confront the ongoing oppression and suffering that exist in our region. We continue to cultivate a space with our youth musicians in which many voices and ideas can exist, allowing for self-expression and questioning of the world around us.

We will continue in critical dialogue and reflection with our staff and youth musicians in the hopes of providing a safe and effective space to learn and work together to make our world a safe and just place for everyone.

Now is the time to turn up the volume of voices calling for empathy and cooperation.

It took me time till I realized what’s happening these days. I tried to open a news websites to be updated more though what I get is more people losing there souls in a brutal way…. 3 innocent boys were lost from there parents’ hands, and as an excuse we get daily bombing in Gaza and more aggressive violence at the West Bank… I can say now that the political situation got totally out of control, and the media? This dark media its just supporting the occupation as it always did by not showing any specific news about the surprisingly evil deeds of IDF, its just showing what they really believe in that the Palestinian blood is cheap and not counted as a murdered human only as a military target that got achieved…. its getting wilder and wilder, less humanity more murdering, less sense more injustice and the meaning of life and freedom is being lost from a day to another! I’m always hoping for a better reality though I’m afraid! cause I don’t know what to expect… but that process that I am and we are creating here have to be continued so I’ll keep facing truth by connecting other people, ill keep performing with The Kablawis singing our cynical point of views and my voice will keep being amplified with the familia of HEARTBEAT!

Against Violence, With Truth, Peace And Love!



– Moody, 19, Rapper and Singer


“I have an idea, instead of investing in weapons, we invest in education?

Instead of destroying houses, we build schools, libraries or even just some easy YouTube post.

Maybe instead of sending youths with guns, we send doctors, teachers, rabbis, philosophers, artists.

Maybe instead of destroying, let’s build.

Maybe instead of fear, let’s believe.

Maybe instead of screaming, let’s be quiet.

Maybe instead of being against, let’s be in favor.

Maybe instead of being separate, let’s be together.

The time has come to be this generation. It’s time to establish the foundation for peace.

To really believe it now.

Now that almost everything is destroyed, there is an amazing opportunity to grow and change.

To let the process that started a long time be carried out.

Let yourselves believe it, and don’t let anyone buy another gun.

To fire another bullet. To send another soldier.

Fire is put out with water. Not with fire.

And it’s time to open the faucet, before we all turn to dust.”

– Guy, 22, guitarist and singer

#violencestopswithme #NO2WAR #warisoverifyouwantit

Hello, My name is Rasha. I’m 18.
I’m a high school student, and I often play music.
I’m an arab-palestinian living in Israel.
I was born into the conflict, into one of the most vicious conflicts of the 21st century.
This had occupied an integral part of my identity.
As time goes by, people continue to lose hope for peace.
Blind hatred and violence however, continue to increase while they’re hiding behind censored news and stereotyping.

I believe in the power of words the power of music and the power of stage. It can reach anyone, it can make you think, hesitate and ask for a second. It can make you look at the reality you live from a different perspective. It can break these walls surrounding us physically and mentally. it simply provides hope and inner satisfaction.

Today, after a long period of hesitations and frustrations, of ignoring and facing, of reading and asking.. I’ve reached a point where i’m sick of hating. Blaming. and Hiding. Life in this cursed “Holy Land” is much more than this illusional life we are all living somehow. Life here is simply wrong. Human beings are being killed, Villages and families are being destroyed. and we are brainwashed to believe that the only solution for this situation is war. that people on the other side aren’t really people. they’re monster enemies.

I wish we will be able to see the full picture.. To see the enemy as a human being. And liberate ourselves from these barriers that we were born into, break these walls and ‘start growing peaceful generations in this hopeless town’ while taking the first step into the vision we all want to live.

Hope you enjoy the video. The lyrics are in the description.


– Rasha, 18, guitarist and singer

From July 3:

People do not see, people do not think, people love war, it gives them a reason for living, it gives them money, it gives them a sense of belonging, things happen like a wheel, dead people here, dead people there, real people, with family friends with desires with aspirations, and why? For principles? For land? For respect? I do not believe that there is any principle important enough to justify taking a boy’s life — not Jewish, not Arab, not Korean, not German. I hear a lot of very extreme statements in recent days, statements that were waiting for the right moment to get out:”Death to Arabs” and “throw them into the sea”. I feel like there is nothing I will do or say that will change this situation, that it will change what those people did to those poor children from Gush Etzion or the lynching that happened yesterday in Jerusalem, the same people, the same anger, the same land. I wish things will change. I wish people would understand that we tried this method, so many times, the method of war, eye for an eye, it does not work! Fact! No, what works is sending lots of love to all those who need it now. And to all the children who say now that beyond the wall there are monsters, there are no monsters. There are children, some of them have guns, some have a teddy bear, some have a guitar, some have a bus. They’re all children. Let’s enjoy this life as children.

– Dekel, 20, bassist


Master Oud player and Heartbeat Ambassador, George Kandalaft and violinist Alexey Kochetkov show us how it is done.

“It’s especially important at times like these to remember to view other people complexly. Nothing is black and white. All actions have motivation, and even if you don’t agree with them they’re important to understand because that is the only way we will ever accomplish anything.”

– Coren, 21, guitarist, singer, poet