Amplify Heartbeat Wishlist

Welcome to the Amplify Heartbeat Wishlist! You can continue to support Heartbeat in a BIG way by fulfilling an item on our wishlist!

Please view our full itemized list below from instruments and performance/recording gear to building our own music studio and producing a new Heartbeat music video (and even more…)! Every item impacts our ability to continue building trust and mutual understanding. Join us in amplifying the voices of our Palestinian and Israeli youth musicians!



$100 to repair 1 valuable, but in need of repair instrument

$500 for 1 keyboard with weighted keys


Performance/Recording Gear

$40 for 1 SM48 performance microphone to rock the house! We need a total of 6 to bring down the house!

$80 for 4 new mic stands

$100 for 1 Headphone amplifier (4+ headphones = 4x the amplification!)

$400 for one 16 channel mixer with effects

$300 1 bass amp (small, but loud!)

$600 for 2 powered speakers/monitors

Building Our Own Studio

$800 for one 8 channel audio interface to build our own recording studio ($100 = 1 channel audio interface)




New Heartbeat Music Video

$2,000 to produce 1 new music video for one Heartbeat song



Produce New Heartbeat CD ($3,000)

$300 for the CD cover design

$500 for mastering the CD

$600 to produce 1 new Heartbeat single

$1,000 to print the CDs

$1,200 for recording mixing editing of the CD


Heartbeat Transportation

$60 for 1 tank of gasoline

$5,000 for 1 car to transport equipment and Heartbeat youth musicians and staff!


Enable Heartbeat: Haifa and Heartbeat: Jerusalem 

$30 for delicious snacks for 1 Heartbeat weekly meeting

$40 for 1 week of transportation for an entire Heartbeat ensemble to their weekly meeting

$70 for 1 day at a Heartbeat retreat for one Heartbeat youth musician

$150 to fund 1 Heartbeat youth participant at each weekly meeting

$300 to transport the Heartbeat band to 1 performance/workshop

$3000 to sponsor 1 Heartbeat youth musician for an entire year

$10,000 to fund 3 months of programming for 1 Heartbeat chapter

$30,000 to fund 1 Heartbeat chapter for 1 year


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