Ana Omrak

ANA OMRAK (I am your life)


Visualization of the audio from the Heartbeat song ‘Ana Omrak.’

You are my life
You made me forget my sorrow
Always beside me
You solved my life’s puzzle
You are my love. Please stay
I’m nothing without you.. I love you my music
You’re wrong once you think you’re right
there’s no need to fight. You think you’re tough.
Isn’t it enough. Isn’t it enough. Isn’t it enough for you
the things you will slowly fade away. You think you’re hear to stay.
But, you’re wrong… once you think you’re right…

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Written and performed by: Guy Gefen, Adam Kalay, Omar Abu Nijmeh, Dan Yehuda, Siwar Mansour, Moody Kablawi, Dean Frechtman, Ziv-Sobelman Yamin, and Yonatan Feiner

All Rights Reserved. © 2015 Heartbeat, Inc.