hey you, its on you
so what ya gonna do, you
its on you

hush hush, don’t let the terror get you.
everybody’s talking no one listens to the wise
run, hide, wherever it may take you no one seems to get out of this alive

you kick, you scream,
you think they’re all just out to get you
inside, you know that it ain’t so
alone on your island

far and isolated
deep down our ground is all connected

(Moody – in Arabic)
as a person who doesn’t accept and like reality
you still live in it, and look what it made you into
let go of the politician that you are, and leave politics to the people
the politicians lead the people when it’s supposed to be the opposite
the problem isn’t the money, the problem is how we look up to it
the paper is nice, but it’s there for power
and what’s the use of power if it’s used for taking over and controlling

listen up…
you heat yourself with the flame of hope I lit
you get from me a lot of pain from what I speak of
that’s why I call you the Wailing Wall
I cry for you, but I feel better then
but I expect from you to not only hear what I say
but to understand what I mean because in the end
we both want the same thing: change the routine
this routine that we all are caught into it
we have to break this loop that spins around us
I’m talking to you, look at me, feel the pain and the shake in my hand
the scream of ENOUGH is not enough
so I stick to my warm goals which will in the end will lead to peace

(Guy – in English)
in your little bubble all you see is what you like
your newsfeed doesn’t feed with anything that might awaken you
so what you gonna do, you you you you

you see the bubbles they all float, until you blow too much
they pop, and then you drop
hard, deep, into the ground
you dig yourself a grave, and gather everyone around
you start the show, the bagpipe starts to blow
the soldiers got there guns out, perfectly standing in rows
its time to go, make it to the evening show.
an execution televised, and on the radio.
yo, wake up. before your bubble pop.
I’m the voice inside your head thats telling you to stop,
and open up. let your bubble drop down.
let it gently pop when it finally hit the ground
look around, outside the bubble there is hope
light and freedom, truth and beauty that will help you cope
with this reality, don’t buy into all this negativity.
its on you,
so what ya gonna do?
its on you

(Bastoni – in Arabic)
We want to live in freedom but not wildly
everyone asks when the conflict will end
we walked under fire and our destroyed homes
Why does this happen, killing so many people?
Wake up world, so much is happening
the soldier who holds the gun thinks he is the greatest
these are innocent people
and they die in the cruelest way
To whom the oppressed people should talk to?
But all who oppressed, will get their payback someday
he will fall from his chair of power

and won’t be able to get up

hey you, its on you
so what ya gonna do, you
its on you

Written by Guy Gefen. Featuring Moody Kablawi and Mohammad Bstoni.

All Rights Reserved. © 2015 Heartbeat, Inc.