Bukra fi Mishmish

BUKRA FI MISHMISH (“When Pigs Fly”or the impossible happens)

Visualization of the audio from the song “Bukra fi Mishmish”

(Siwar- in English)
Say what you want to say.
I just want to play.
Give me my violin.
Smile for a brighter day!

(Moody – in Arabic)
If there’s hope, the power to work, and art, then there’s life.
Lyrics can move mountains, music and equality.
If your goal is clear in front of you, with patience,
the way to it will be clear.
Tomorrow will be better! Try to create and believe, Yes YOU Can.
If there’s the sun and its rays, yes there’s hope down here.
The moon and even a bit of light, there’s hope, even if it’s small.
An important step in your life is to hope.
Take your step towards change.
Make your anxiety disappear.
To be free, you have to liberate yourself!

(Guy – in Hebrew)
All day I’m looking through my window and I understand
whatever is his is mine and whatever is mine is yours.
We are supposed to even be brothers, but to me it seems
that doesn’t really matter to you.
We’ll break down the walls, and take down the flags and then we’ll
discover a world where everything is possible.
When we understand that we’re all human beings
then forever and ever we will be able
to live. We will be able to live!

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Performed by:
Guy Gefen: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards,
Drum Programming, and Steel Drum
Moody Kablawi: Vocals and Claps
Siwar Mansour: Vocals and Violin
Dekel Adin: Recorder, Electric Guitar, Bass,
Saxophone, Vocals, Keyboards
Ami Yares: Oud
Tamer Omari: Darbukka, Drum Programming, and Claps
Aaron Shneyer: Drum Programming, Claps
Drums inspired by Ziv Sobelman-Yamin.

Directed and Produced by Aaron Shneyer

Additional music production by
Tamer Omari, Guy Gefen, and Dekel Adin

Special thanks to:
The Fund for Reconciliation, Tolerance, and Peace,
Noa Yammer, Tamer Omari,
Michal Gefen, Shoshana Gottesman,
Ami Yares, Jon Goldstein,
Am Kolel, Marcia and Ira Wagner,
Cheb Kammerer, Rob and EIleen Coltun,
Avi Salloway, Amitai Gross, Nizar Qabbani,
Luz Maria Uribe, Sarina Hahn, Jesse Kahn,
and all who have helped bring Heartbeat,
and specifically this song to life.

All Rights Reserved. © 2015 Heartbeat, Inc.