City Rising


Governments are building walls
while corporations take control
Operation Catch-’em-all is full force ahead
The look at jungles and they see a mall
So lets see who can make more trees fall
Operation take control is almost done
And they keep us from the ground
It’s concrete under our feet
And they want to keep us numb
All we see is what’s on TV
and now we’ve got to make a sound
Stronger than the gun.
Wealthy men are staging wars
while media is keeping scores
everybody gather round
watch the show unfold.
The earth is rich with all we need
protect yourself from pretty faces
glowing with greed.
Take somebody piggyback
run wild and free
They can keep us from the ground
It’s concrete under our feet
They can try to keep us down
All we see is what’s on TV
but we’re going to make a sound
that is stronger than the gun.

Who sees what’s happening here?
Media surrounds us and the government surrounds the media
We don’t know what’s happening “under the table”
Another wall surrounds us
When I watch TV I can’t act normally
But I can not watch TV and act how I want to act.
This is life. The strong eats the weak.
We live in a bad time, accepting this rule.
On top of this, we have the Occupation and exploitation
The people with no teeth can’t appreciate the sweets
so they lose them to the ones who can enjoy the treats**
At this point, if you call someone “animal,” it’s a compliment
There’s nothing new to this you know.
Paranoia loops and then it grows
But we’re not afraid anymore. We’re not afraid anymore.
Your power doesn’t work around here
You lock the gate up. You don’t want to hear that
We’re not afraid anymore. We’re not afraid anymore.
You want to know what I think. Then I think I don’t know. But I know
that I think and I don’t know what I don’t know. Is it good enough for

When you wish upon a star just to touch the sky?
Searching for material just to make you high?

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