Your monetary pledges and word of mouth/online activism offers us a chance to build trust and understanding across a much larger cross-section of society.  With enough concerts, workshops, YouTube views, song downloads, and other opportunities, you can tip the dynamic of violence and hatred to one of trust and mutual understanding.

We rely on the support of kind individuals around the world and we thank you for considering a contribution to Heartbeat.   We can’t do this without you.

Please use this form to make donations by PayPal or credit card.  Donations are fully tax deductible in the United States. In addition, consider fulfilling an item on the Amplify Heartbeat in 2014 Wishlist!

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Where Your Contributions Go

Heartbeat programs are over 95% scholarship based, ensuring that money isn’t an added obstacle to bringing Heartbeat participants together. Whether covering transportation, food, recording equipment, rehearsal spaces, retreat accommodations, or very minimal staff salaries, Heartbeat relies on your support to keep its programs going.

Heartbeat: New Sound Foundation, is a registered non-profit organization in the State of Maryland, USA.  We are currently in the process of applying for 501c3, tax-exempt status.  In the United States, tax-deductible contributions to Heartbeat can be sent to our current fiscal sponsor, Am Kolel,  by using the form above or by mailing checks to:

HEARTBEAT – Am Kolel Peace Fund
19520 Darnestown Rd.
Beallsville, MD 20839
Phone: 301 349 2799

Are you an artist, film-maker, or musician? Are you involved in the entertainment industry or other businesses? Please click here to learn about other ways to get involved: