Graduate Program

Heartbeat Graduates Open Mic II

The Heartbeat Graduate Program, launched in January 2015, supports Heartbeat youth musicians and youth ensembles entering the next phase of their lives post-high school to continue their music and media co-creation in an equalizing safe space. Post-high school life for Israeli and Palestinian youth comes with increased systemic separation caused by mandatory military service and boycott intimidation, putting additional pressures on youth musicians’ relationships and ability to co-create as equals. The Heartbeat Graduate Program provides a safe space that addresses the educational and psychosocial needs of our post-high school youth musicians to continue to have meaningful, impactful cooperation and creative nonviolent action towards social change and conflict transformation.


Guy and MoodyEach Heartbeat youth ensemble entering the Heartbeat Graduate Program post-high school will experience two tracks: first a closed, internal process and then an open, external process. Each of these tracks support the graduate youth ensemble to delve deeper into the new obstacles affecting their lives post-high school, focusing specifically on the army, the occupation, normalization, power dynamics, and inter-group narrative analysis. Currently, there are two full Heartbeat bands participating in the Graduate Program from Haifa, East and West Jerusalem, Rehovot, and greater Tel Aviv area. 


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