Hem Omrim

Hem Omrim (They Say)

(Guy – in Hebrew)
they say, “its complicated” they don’t remember; who gave and who took
they sing, “will not forget, will not forgive.”
they want us to run, be afraid of the booming
ammunition hill will blossom.

what is “the people?” its a conflicted person
whats over there? its a blessed world
what is a border? an imagination directed

the lock that is waiting for you to open
the journey you need take
the truth is not on the screen

everybody wants a heaven, but nobody wants to die
when you sleep, its the dream
when your awake its the nightmare
everybody wants to feel that they have got a place

and if you get that, it might suddenly be good.

busy with thoughts of tomorrow
collecting money. doing what’s allowed
closing the door. doing what’s forbidden
pocket open but closed-minded
ask everything inside your head
what is money? what is equality?
what is freedom? what is logic?
what is winning and what is losing?

who is the man that decided
that’s forbidden, that’s allowed.
that’s beautiful and that’s ugly
is that the truth or is it assumed

open your mind and understand,
the answer that’s on the razor’s edge
its a war of business man
playing you like chess
divided to white and black

the choice is between darkness and light
to you only the freedom to chose

(Moody – in Arabic)
You wanna know the truth? The screen is not the method
I’m missing people who want to change, people with guts
so they can get up and initiate a change so we can bring back our humanity

the problem is not the people, it’s with the politicians

(Bastoni – in Arabic)
You don’t belong here, run away!
I’m thinking like people who said that we shouldn’t run
who says any way that we should?
Wait a second and be patient.

(Moody – in Arabic)
Should I wait for whom, if people are asleep and busy?
Busy and focused on themselves, they preferred the city in this land
and forgot about the mountains.
Media seems to be much stronger
especially when we believe it and forget who we are

(Bastoni – in Arabic)
Tell me why should I wait
Nothing can happen without cooperation
If you want the goal, you need to be patient
I wish that people will stop being focused only on themselves
I wish my message will be delivered to my people as I want

(Moody – in Arabic)
There won’t be a message if there wasn’t any difficulty
that’s how my life of struggle taught me
But we can’t go back, we can only to go forward.

(Bastoni – in Arabic)
National problems, this country is not normal
they say democracy
between us there is hatred because we are here

(Moody – in Arabic)
Listen carefully to my words and decide to listen.
Listen and you’ll find that the only peace is actually in this group.
You know why? Because music is the language.

(Bastoni – in Arabic)
It’s not enough to hear us, we want you to understand us
You can’t reach peace if you’re far away
It worth it to come to us, because it matters

Written by Guy Gefen. Featuring Moody Kablawi and Mohammad Bstoni.

All Rights Reserved. © 2015 Heartbeat, Inc.