I Said


I said why won’t you let this go.
Cause the sky’s clear, it’s easy to see
That this is mad. This is insanity.
Nowadays everybody seem to lose their minds.
Nowadays everybody seem to stand in line.
So I said, “Why won’t you let this go?”
I know sometimes it feels like every thing will fall apart.
I count the bodies as you fill up your bank account.
Why is it so? I think that you and I will never know.
That’s why I’m telling you. Why won’t you let it go?
Oh Oh Oh. He’s got a gun. He fears no one.
He sees himself like no one else.

I walk ahead, without any violence
Stop affecting others badly
When all you need is to express yourself
So spell your heart out in a peaceful way
Be peaceful and listen
Don’t get stuck in the past, but learn from it
Live in the present. Live every minute and focus on it
Set a goal and be your life’s master
And if you get into trouble, let it go, and flow.

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