In Circles

It will take so much
to move past this,
to move on
To shot our red eyes,
our yellow minds.
To finally sleep.

We are confused.
What is happening?
Why are we here?
Where should we go?
In circles?

When I see us smile like that,
I know everything will be just fine.
I know that noise will disappear
and the silence won’t crush us down.

Music is inside us
it moves our blood
it shakes so hard
and skips heart beats.
Swallow everything
take it all in
the missing parts
are coming together.

I am looking up
but all I see is darkness.
My shadow is clear
and even darker surrounding me
filling me with hopeless wishes.

Written by Manal,  Eden, Anat, Adan, Amal, Souhail, Shai, Lina, Achiad, and Shulamit. Music arrangement by Heartbeat: Haifa 2014-2015.

All Rights Reserved. © 2015 Heartbeat, Inc.