HEARTBEAT: Jerusalem

The Heartbeat: Jerusalem chapter consists of 8-12 high school aged Israeli and Palestinian youth musicians, from East and West Jerusalem, who will meet weekly throughout the 2014-2015 school year and come together for retreats to build mutual understanding and to co-develop new music. We are grateful to our partner The Willy Brandt Center for providing our weekly meeting space.

The Heartbeat: Jerusalem schedule for 2014-2015 is as follows:

Coren and Ala

Bi-Weekly Meetings (November 2014 – June 2015) – Heartbeat: Jerusalem will meet regularly in Jerusalem, working together over the course of the year to learn different styles of music, create new music, deepen their mutual understanding through facilitated dialogue sessions, and work towards live performances and professional audio recordings.

Heartbeat Retreat (December 2014) – The Heartbeat 3 day music exchange will include previous and new Heartbeat youth musicians from both Heartbeat: Haifa and Heartbeat: Jerusalem. This formative experience will enable the group to meet and connect with their fellow band members through facilitated music activities. The retreat will take place in a neutral environment away from the participants normal routines.

Summer Retreat (June 2015) – Towards the end of the school-year, Heartbeat musicians will have the chance to deepen their experience through a second overnight retreat. Ideally, Heartbeat participants from Haifa, Jerusalem, and Jaffa will be able to come together to strengthen their wider network of youth musicians for social change.

Performances, Workshops, Amplification (March 2015 – August 2015) – Once ready, the Heartbeat: Jerusalem band will offer concerts, workshops, audio recordings, and music videos to bring their music and messages to their communities.

heartbeat Jerusalem