Building trust and mutual understanding starts with our youth musicians, and continues to reverberate throughout their communities and society-at-large. To truly deepen relationships and create widespread social change that transforms conflict, we need YOU.

There are many ways to get involved with Heartbeat, whether as a youth musician, volunteer, intern, musician, activist, or educator.  Heartbeat seeks to help lay the foundation for a lasting positive peace. Security, freedom, and equality for all are possible. Join us in celebrating the power of music to shift the status quo.

Join us as a:

Are you a youth musician 14-18 years of age who loves to play music and wants to be heard? We want to meet you! Learn how to join Heartbeat.

Interested in volunteering or interning with Heartbeat? Learn how you can contribute to Heartbeat programs. 




If you or someone you know is an artist, musician, web designer, graphic designer, film-maker, journalist, PR agent, chef, poet, dancer, grant-writer, etc. and would like to volunteer some time and energy please contact us:


Providing Incentives to Come Together and Amplifying Voices of the Silent Majority
We humbly request the support of all artists, music producers, entertainment industry professionals, news agencies, radio stations, etc.  Opportunities such as live performances, collaborations with famous artists, TV spots, radio interviews, travel opportunities and recording time can provide tremendous incentive to Israeli and Palestinian musicians who would like to come together, but often feel forced to set other priorities. Such cooperations also have a profound ability to influence public opinion and build trust between the masses. The entertainment industries hold a severely untapped power to make this world a better place, by bring people together and help them inspire millions to create change. We would like to create some good news with you.

Offer an Incentive to Come Together
One of the most challenging aspects of this project is helping our musicians combat the societal pressures they face in coming together. Creating music with the enemy goes against the tide. Many interested musicians simply do not take the risk of being ostracized from their community and damaging their music careers. In order to bring the most talented musicians together we need to offer incentives that override any fear or hesitation they might have.

Be The Amplifier
 The vast majority of Palestinians and Israelis who desperately want peace are not heard and thus remain convinced that they have no partner for peace, locked in conflict by their mutual distrust.  While one person using violence can easily garner the attention of worldwide media, the vast, silent majority of peace-seekers remains largely unaware of its power to be heard and influence the world around them.  Heartbeat uses music to build trust by amplifying voices from this silent majority, but we need to get even louder.  With your help, we can help spread trust, inspire people to think differently, and let the people of the Middle East and the whole world know that a better way is possible.

To support Heartbeat in making any of these initiatives a reality,  please be in contact by emailing: