Kulshi Sababa


(Chorus in Arabic)
I went down to the market, everything was cool.
All of the sudden, a missile! What the heck?

Two fingers to the sky, peace in the air, music is the best meditation for
They ask me “what are you doing in your life?” I tell them that I walk in
the market, and all I want is a little peace of mind.
The people around me think they know who I am.
Suddenly, this missile shook me up, when all I ask is for a simple, quiet
Whatever I do, wherever I go, it follows me.

All of the headlines that they’re screening right straight through your
brain, you know you’ll never get them out.
Don’t think just for a second you’re not the same. You’re just like
everybody else.
It seems like we still got a long way now. So don’t be afraid to show
what you know and what you don’t know.
Hold yourself together. Keep your spirit high. You’ll get by. Knowing ‘oh,
they sell lies to us all’. Oh, don’t you mind the weather, keep that music
fly. I’ll get high by the sounds of the drum, keep on beating it round and

I went down to the market, what the heck?
All of the sudden- a missile! Everything is cool.

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