Lama Bada


(Dana and Siwar- in Arabic)
When I first saw him sway,
My love, the beautiful one, attracted me.
He command me with a look, with a wink,
we always look at him for a while.
While the branches sway gracefully.
My promise, my confusion.
Will he respond mercifully to my plea?
Who can understand my plea for love;
except the king of beauty?

A cover of the traditional folk song Lama Bada. 

Performing Artists:

Guy Gefen: Guitar and Vocals
Moody Kablawi: Vocals
Dana Herz: Vocals
Siwar Mansour: Violin and Vocals
Ziv Yamin: Drums
Tamer Omari: Oud
Shoshana Gottesman: Viola
Avi Salloway: Electric Guitar
Aaron Shneyer: Bass

Audio and film production by Daniel H. Schwartz
Audio and film edited by Guy Gefen
Additional audio production by Ami Yares

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