Make Humus Not War

Make Humus Not War  Make Hummus Not War Quote

we are the new age
and we go old school
you can call me a hipster
you can call your self mister
we are wireless, download free
self functioning technology
we are unplugged, HD
upgraded, out dated mentality
so take in the fast food
go on the slow lane
higher the dosage
and you feel no pain
we are, pre packed, pre cooked
factory stamped and over looked

log in, update
restart the system before its too late
so plug in you hard drive
time to go hardcore
get in the vibe now
make humus not war
make humus not war
make humus not war
who do you think your doing it for

(Moody – In Arabic)
search the internet. you can see we’re still alive.
even if you only find news, we give you the real thing
a listening ear is enough
without any ego and without prejudging
because I say whatever’s on my heart
for the reason that I want to change something
the truth is beside me, so I don’t imagine what I’m talking about
but I give you the updated picture of the situation
from falling to rising, working without sleep
like a farmer in the city, it’s hard for him to believe the word “peace”I liberate myself and I went through years of experience to reach my message
give a chance to be accepted with my huge message

(Bastoni – In Arabic)
Make our reality a truth, and forget everything in a second
We chose this way, but the way is very slow
To understand my message, face me for a second
and then you’ll be one of me, and you’ll become dear to me
We are always on stage to teach you how to roll
What you learned at home how to move your body, move it for peace instead of war
it’s not that difficult you can change it and simply
it’s about the will, not power
to be whatever you need to be, don’t stay a prisoner in yourself.
let go
whatever you can do, do it, to be yourself.

(Rasha – In English)
make hummus not war build playgrounds don’t build any walls 
educate children not soldiers
wear flowers not uniforms
raise life not a racist core
read books not censored news
pray for life not holy stones
un-occupy these lands and souls

I’m in the moment, on the edge, over the top, but under the radar.
I’m an atomic bomb, Trojan horse. I’m a tsunami.

I’m an earthquaker
I’m suspect, I’m a side effect, I try to reconnect
and to direct, you. will you direct me too?
where is the exit? when is the break through
getting to the truth
it hurts like a baby tooth
its hidden in your head
not in the voting booth
if you listen up we take our volume down
now when you’re close enough
we’re stereo surrounded

surrounded. we’re surrounded

Written by Guy Gefen. Featuring Moody Kablawi, Mohammad Bstoni, and Rasha Nahas.

All Rights Reserved. © 2015 Heartbeat, Inc.