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Heartbeat: “The Mic is Stronger” Tour Launch Video

Heartbeat: “The Mic is Stronger” Tour Launch Video This hilarious and musical video launches the 2011-2012 ‘Mic is Stronger’ tour.

Boom Boom Boom – Hip Hop Hudna Music Video

Boom Boom Boom This is the video for Heartbeat’s hit song: Boom Boom Boom, a joint Israeli-Palestinian-German hip hop creation of  the 2010 Hip Hop Hudna.

Israeli-Palestinian Youth Band Says ‘Mic Is Stronger Than Gun’

A 2011 news piece about Heartbeat and its ‘Mic is Stronger’ tour.

Jerusalem Youth Use Music to Break Down Walls

A piece by Heartbeat’s founder Aaron Shneyer about what is needed to transform the status quo, originally published by the Common Ground News Source.

Khalas/Enough! Heartbeat’s 1st Music Video

Khalas – Enough Heartbeat’s first music video of their original tune, Khalas|Enough, written by Heartbeat musicians at the 2009 Heartbeat Summer Camp.

The Middle East Peace Stimulus

A powerful article by Seeds of Peace’s Daniel Moses and Heartbeat’s Aaron Shneyer about why after the Gaza War in 2008-2009, people to people diplomacy and

Heartbeat: Jerusalem – The Beginning – A Documentary

HEARTBEAT: JERUSALEM This mini-documentary gives a more intimate look into how Heartbeat began.

Georgetown University Alumni Profile – Aaron Shneyer

A Georgetown Alumni magazine profile on Aaron and his work with Heartbeat.

NYTimes Video – Teen Concerts Combat Animosity Between Arab and Jewish Youth in Jerusalem Amid Recent Violence

A New York Times video about Heartbeat with concert footage from the Jerusalem YMCA show in 2008.

Jerusalem YMCA Concert Footage

Five great videos of Heartbeat musicians performing in the 2008 YMCA concert in Jerusalem.