Heartbeat News

Bukra Fil Mishmish Music Video RELEASED!

Nearly one year since its creation, the Heartbeat original song, Bukra Fil Mishmish makes its online debut, with this awesome music video: Please share!

Heartbeat: “The Mic is Stronger” Tour Launch Video

Heartbeat: “The Mic is Stronger” Tour Launch Video This hilarious and musical video launches the 2011-2012 ‘Mic is Stronger’ tour.

Boom Boom Boom – Hip Hop Hudna Music Video

Boom Boom Boom This is the video for Heartbeat’s hit song: Boom Boom Boom, a joint Israeli-Palestinian-German hip hop creation of  the 2010 Hip Hop Hudna.

Israeli-Palestinian Youth Band Says ‘Mic Is Stronger Than Gun’

A 2011 news piece about Heartbeat and its ‘Mic is Stronger’ tour.

Jerusalem Youth Use Music to Break Down Walls

A piece by Heartbeat’s founder Aaron Shneyer about what is needed to transform the status quo, originally published by the Common Ground News Source.

Khalas/Enough! Heartbeat’s 1st Music Video

Khalas – Enough Heartbeat’s first music video of their original tune, Khalas|Enough, written by Heartbeat musicians at the 2009 Heartbeat Summer Camp.

The Middle East Peace Stimulus

A powerful article by Seeds of Peace’s Daniel Moses and Heartbeat’s Aaron Shneyer about why after the Gaza War in 2008-2009, people to people diplomacy and

Heartbeat: Jerusalem – The Beginning – A Documentary

HEARTBEAT: JERUSALEM This mini-documentary gives a more intimate look into how Heartbeat began.

Georgetown University Alumni Profile – Aaron Shneyer

A Georgetown Alumni magazine profile on Aaron and his work with Heartbeat.

NYTimes Video – Teen Concerts Combat Animosity Between Arab and Jewish Youth in Jerusalem Amid Recent Violence

A New York Times video about Heartbeat with concert footage from the Jerusalem YMCA show in 2008.