Over and Over


(Guy- in English)
I don’t want to know how far can we go
at the speed of light does it hurt?
I don’t want to see everything we’ve done
I can’t see no light. I can see no sun.

(Moody – In Arabic)
What they did in the past,
what’s gonna happen I don’t wanna see
Unfortunately, the war has become a routine
and peace is unknown.
What’s going on in the heads’ of the leaders above me?!
Everything repeats in a loop. When will it stop?
I teach life, I appreciate it and live it simply.
I believe in peace.
How, why and when it will come, is our choice!


Written by Guy Gefen, Moody Kablawi, Heartbeat

March 6, 2013 @ The Hamilton Live, Washington, DC
as part of Heartbeat’s first US Tour www.heartbeat.fm/ustour

Performing Artists:
Guy Gefen: Guitar and Vocals
Moody Kablawi: Vocals
Dana Herz: Vocals
Siwar Mansour: Violin and Vocals
Ziv Yamin: Drums
Tamer Omari: Oud
Shoshana Gottesman: Viola
Avi Salloway: Electric Guitar
Aaron Shneyer: Bass

Audio and film production by Daniel H. Schwartz

Audio and film edited by Guy Gefen

All Rights Reserved. © 2015 Heartbeat, Inc.