Ensembles of Palestinian & Israeli Youth Musicians

Heartbeat’s core program, Heartbeat: Amplifying Youth Voices, focuses on the establishment and facilitation of two ensembles of young Palestinian and Israeli musicians (ages 14-22 years old) who come together weekly for sustained music based dialogue programs in Haifa and Jerusalem.  Meeting each week throughout the course of the school year, Heartbeat youth musicians  co-create music, engage in dialogue to raise critical understanding about the harsh realities surrounding them, and then share their eye-opening, inspiring music and understanding with their communities through concerts, workshops, and multimedia publications.

As a result of the Heartbeat process, Heartbeat musicians transform attitudes towards the other side, reduce prejudice, increase trust, and build self confidence.  They also develop a keen awareness of the realities surrounding them and experience a profound sense of agency and responsibility to work for peace and civil rights. Music sustains and enables this entire process as the compelling challenges of composing, rehearsing, recording and performing offer constructive outlets to express and explore participants’ understanding of reality, uniting participants within a shared purpose.  Furthermore, by experiencing the Heartbeat youth musicians’ music and messages through live performances and multi-media productions, thousands of local and global community members dismantle prejudice, build trust, and are inspired to become more civically engaged.

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