Fundamental Principles


Heartbeat unites people who are committed to seeing and treating each other with full respect as equals.

Anyone is welcome to join, as long as they respect and treat each other as complete equals.

We seek to employ the transformative power of music to build a safe, free, and equitable life for all.


We unite in the belief that each person’s voice has an equal right to be heard.

In Heartbeat’s DNA, freedom of expression is preserved and protected from the inequalities and barriers that plague the greater region.

We stand in stark contrast to the loud minority of voices who use violence and call for racism to dominate headlines, dictate public opinion, and control how our communities interact.

We unite in the belief that the vast and silent majority of peace-seeking people desperately needs more effective means to be heard.


Heartbeat unites the power of many individuals to amplify each other’s voices towards the establishment of a fair, free and safe future for all.

As such, Heartbeat community members are dedicated to human rights, nonviolence, and civic responsibility.

By combining our individual agency, as a community we are stronger.

Heartbeat members actively question the way things are and continually reimagine the way things could be.

We invite you to join us.