The Act

THE ACT Rasha the Act quote

An act of defense you claim
with a gun in the hand their blood on your feet
marching in shame in a brainwashed fear
composing lullabies in this cursed atmosphere

But I can hear their children scream
I can taste their bitter dreams
with their halos and paper kites
I can hear them begging for life

(Moody – In Arabic)
People’s fear of my name is carved deep inside me
They defined my origins according to my body language
I always look around me when I’m on stage, to see if the
government hears me out of fear
But with me are the people who understand what’s going on
so I trust them
This trust I built it with them
and I keep it very well
this trust that I don’t get from other people

Talk to me
Why do you label me as a normalizer?
No I don’t normalize reality so please allow me to say
I don’t have a place to come back to, I enter with a lamp in my hands
a lamp that was turned off by them when they saw it getting brighter
I’m on a land which is dark because of the politics cloud
and because of this cloud my people are crying blood
and their voice is repressed and no one is speaking up
so I criticize in the name of every crying child

(Bastoni – In Arabic)
In his eyes there’s a thousand tears
the voice of the angel of mercy is heard through my heart
we light up candles
my heart is torn up from what’s happening everyday
I woke up from sleeping because of gunfire
Every morning you see a soldier’s unwelcoming face
it’s called brainwash
We were prevented from a life of peace and freedom
Wait a second, I want to enter the stage
in the name of every Mom who held her son in a coffin

Written by Rasha Nahas. Featuring Moody Kablawi and Mohammad Bstoni.

All Rights Reserved. © 2015 Heartbeat, Inc.