The Wall


(Guy – in Hebrew)
What’s the wall good for?
The wall is good to keep to out the poor
and the wall is good to keep in the fear
and to kill the idea of hope
Ask the President. Ask the Pope.
What’s the wall good for?
The wall is built to hide the war.
The wall is built to keep us apart.
They think they smart. They think they smart.
When they put up a wall.

(Moody – in Arabic)
It’s weird to walk beside the wall
And hear your brother from the other side
It’s weird how people can stay so silent
And ignore their neighbors who are suffering
What do we gain from this wall,
that hides the option of freedom?
Until when will this situation will stay like this?
Don’t stand aside like this and just watch
I don’t understand how people think
Why do the innocent people get injured
What’s the wall good for- stand up with us
because tomorrow it’s our turn.

(Kela – in English)
I want to watch the sea. Dip my feet in the water.
Dance on the grass. I want to be one with the rays of sun.
Get me out of here. I want to grow out of this.


Performed by:

Guy Gefen: Vocals, Guitar
Moody Kablawi: Vocals
Kela Sappir: Vocals
Ziv Yamin: Drums
Tamer Omari: Riq
Aaron Shneyer: Bass

Audio and film production by Lindsay Davis.

All Rights Reserved. © 2015 Heartbeat, Inc.